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Advantages of Steel Construction

Value for money




Steel is an-economic construction material

In Design

Pre-engineered structural steel solutions

During design and fabrication

Continuous development in steel frame technology

During Construction

Short construction Period

During Construction

Built in a short construction period

In use



Savings throughout the project




Quality and Reliability

Professional Approach



During the design process

Competent and responsible steel contractors

At the construction stage

Aesthetically Pleasing

During construction

Advice and support

After completion

A structure that reflects the clients ambitions

Relating to cost

Integrated electronic Transfer of information

Environmentally friendly


After occupation




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We are the number one manufactures and suppliers of Grain Storages Silos, Joint Closures and LIU sliding, FTH Box, HST Sleeve, JC Box (All Type), JC Bamboo (All Type), All products are enable from 6 Fiber to 288 Fiber for our client requirements.